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5 Ways To Add Flavour To Healthy Meals

Eating healthily and enjoying a balanced diet is something many people are still working hard to achieve. For food lovers and budding amateur chefs, it can be tricky to manage your diet while being around so many delicious temptations all the time! Once you get used to flavourful cooking, some of the recommended healthy options we encounter can seem less than appealing, especially if they’re a little lacking in flavour. Low-carb diets and an increased emphasis on fruit and vegetables can be especially off-putting for people who expect them to taste boring compared to their usual meals.

However, with a little creative seasoning, you can easily turn the healthiest dishes into some of the tastiest. Here are our top five tips for experimenting with basic seasoning to unlock the hidden potential in your healthy meals.

1) Salt and pepper to taste

Your number one secret weapon for bringing out the best in almost any meal, salt and pepper needs to be handled carefully. If you get it right, you can improve practically any flavour combination, and you don’t have to worry about sodium levels as long as you’re avoiding processed foods.

2) Exciting herbs and spices

Our favourite thing to do is open a full spice rack and get to work creating unusual combinations for flavouring meat, fish, vegetable dishes, and pretty much everything else. Tiny changes can create a whole new experience and really bring your food to life, allowing you to eat healthily without compromising on taste. Make sure you always have a fresh stock of herbs and spices whenever you start cooking, and get creative with them!

3) A little chilli heat

Adding a little depth and heat without overpowering the original flavour of a dish is a fine art, but with a little practice you should be able to master the art of adding chilli to your healthy food. Whether its sliced, flaked, ground up or even made into a sauce, chilli can bring some excitement to almost any plate.

4) Experiment with umami

Commonly known as the fifth taste sensation after salty, sweet, bitter and sour, umami is fun to experiment with and can add something unique to a variety of dishes. You can use it in powder form to season meat, or you can use soy sauce to bring out a similar flavour in vegetarian meals.

5) Revive flavours with acid

An amazing trick to maximise the flavour and lifespan of your ingredients is to practice bringing out a little acidic sweetness using lemon juice or vinegar. You can rescue fruit and vegetables that are past their best and actually make their flavours more intense than ever with just a small burst of acidic sourness.

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