Creative Caviar Restaurant Recipe Ideas

If you’re a big fan of caviar, you’ll probably know that its reputation has changed over the years. Although the high end products are still very much an exclusive delicacy, it’s now also possible to get cheaper caviar in more affordable restaurants, and even sometimes in your local supermarket. However, for people who really enjoy this delicious and rare treat, there’s no better way to serve it than as part of a delicious restaurant-standard dish. If you want to try some of these fine dining experiences yourself, look no further than these creative caviar recipe ideas.

Smoked Sturgeon & Caviar Bagels

This one comes directly from Attilus Caviar, whose Royal Siberian Sturgeon or Baerii caviar is perfectly suited for this idea (you could also use Royal Oscietra caviar depending on your taste). This toasted bagel topped with poached eggs, smoked sturgeon and, of course, caviar makes for an amazing high class breakfast.

Parsley Pea Soup & Golden Caviar

Here’s a great way to put a modern and classy spin on a relatively simple soup. Topping this smooth pea, parsley and onion soup with a garnish of crème fraiche, pea shoots and a small amount of delicious golden caviar is a real showstopper.

Colourful Caviar Crisps

Looking for the ultimate twist on a snack as simple as a potato crisp? If you haven’t tried frying your own crisps made from purple potatoes, track them down and give it a go. The ideal accompaniment to elevate these crisps to the next level is a teaspoon of crème fraiche and a tiny amount of a caviar of your choice on top.

Smoked Salmon & Caviar Pizza

For a restaurant-quality seafood pizza that’s unique and surprisingly simple to make, you can top a fresh stone-baked pizza base with cold sour cream, smoked salmon, chives and whatever caviar you like. For best results, try both salmon and black oscietra varieties together.

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