Home & Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

No matter what kind of cooking you’re interested in, your experience level, or even whether you’re running a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or cooking for yourself at home, one thing remains the same for everyone. Hygiene should be your number one priority, since without proper care, dangerous situations can arise during food preparation and cooking.

For commercial kitchens like those in restaurants, takeaways, pubs, hotels and so on, standards are set high with good reason: to protect the public. It’s vital to be compliant, which is why it’s important to know when to use a professional deep cleaning service such as KDC (Kitchen Duct Cleaning), a prominent UK kitchen and ductwork cleaning company. A professional service like this is necessary to ensure you meet the required health and safety guidelines for running a clean and safe commercial kitchen.

Most of us are aware of the dangers of poor food hygiene, as bacterial infections and food poisoning can be extremely serious and even deadly to some people. These kinds of problems can result from simple errors like incorrect handling of raw meat and other unprocessed ingredients, as well as cross-contamination from preparing different types of food on the same surfaces, allowing them to pick up unexpected bacteria.

This is just as likely to happen in a domestic kitchen as a commercial one, although the potential scale of a disaster is probably restricted. Keeping hygiene under control requires a basic understanding and remembering to do simple tasks like washing hands regularly and using dedicated tools and surfaces for handling high risk foods like uncooked meat. It is generally considered common sense to keep kitchens safe in this respect, although over time you might forget to clean certain areas and allow them to become breeding grounds for bacteria, so it’s vital to have your kitchen deep cleaned every so often.

Safety issues are not just limited to the most obvious ones involving hygiene, however. Cleaning your kitchen thoroughly to remove deposits of grease and fat is also vital to reduce the risk of fire, which is a major concern particularly in commercial kitchens. Under these circumstances you would be more likely to invest in regular duct cleaning, as well as ensuring ventilation and other safety features are adequate.

Cooking in all types of kitchens and settings can be enjoyable and exciting, and we want to be able to focus on being creative with food. That’s why it’s so important to learn and remember the basics of kitchen cleaning, and especially in commercial settings, know when it’s appropriate to get professional assistance.

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